If you’re a dynamic, high-performing woman who is sick and tired of feeling trapped on the hamster wheel of life, stuck on how to overcome what has been blocking you, and you want to fast-forward into a more meaningful and fulfilling future — a future that’s aligned with your soul purpose — then this systematic, powerful and effective course is for you! 


  1. You’ll quickly identify your life purpose and create a clear vision of the life you’ve always dreamed of.
  1. You’ll discover how to take systematic and effective action to manifest your life’s dream with powerful group coaching, exciting lifework and specially created CD’s.
  1. You’ll learn how to achieve long-held dreams in a fraction of the time it takes others.
  1. You’ll get my special techniques to kick negative subconscious beliefs to the curb, gearing yourself for deeper meaning and greater joy and success in your life and business.
  1. You’ll learn how to say NO to relationships that pull you down and YES to the ones that lift you up.
  1. You’ll elevate your relationships to a higher frequency, experience deeper, closer and more supportive partnerships, and know the joy of being fully present with your loved ones.
  1. You’ll reclaim your power and create a lasting impact and legacy that really makes a difference!
"I’ve worked with Laura for close to a year and highly recommend her as a coach.  She is extremely accomplished with not a small dash of magical.  The things we have done together have transformed my life. I knew a lot about the importance of self care and spirituality practices prior to engaging Laura but, through our sessions, she provided a greater understanding and accountability that now is etched in my mind and behavior
Patricia Robbins
Senior Managing Director - Sterling Bank New York

This is just what I need!

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In this module we’re going to cover the details of how to discover and design your vision (dream) blueprint for the life, relationships, money and freedom that you deserve.

In this module we’re going to cover the details of how to discover and design your vision (dream) blueprint for the life, relationships, money and freedom that you deserve.

  • What makes your mind limitless and how to define your vision (dream), using your imagination and five senses.
  • Applying the art of sourcing, sorting and selecting your vision to clarify your soul intentions and desires.
  • How to apply an effective 5-point test to make sure your vision is right for you.
  • The subconscious belief of self-esteem and self-worth and how to clearly identify negative self-talk. You will learn exactly what your negative talk is and practice a powerful strategy to extinguish it.

In this section we will explore self-love and the voices within. You’ll learn to identify two of the most common negative beliefs that can stop you from taking chances and exploring your visions. I will show you specific mindset practices that positively impact your thinking, and you will practice proven strategies that can shift your mindset from negative to positive.

We’re Going to Explore:

  • Self-Love and the power of self-esteem, as well as the practice of knowing your “inner judge” and mindset-shifting behaviors that extinguish the power of the “cruel judge” deep inside.

  • How to befriend your fear and use it as a stepping-stone instead of a stumbling block, through the practice of overcoming fear with faith and hope.

  • The power of forgiveness, including why a daily forgiveness practice actually accelerates your success by removing old subconscious blocks.

My system teaches you exactly how to turn a sense of lack into the recognition of abundance. Using this system, you will actually experience a great shift in your energy, quickly beginning to attract the people, experiences and energy that you want.

 You’ll Learn:

§  To clearly identify where you feel the most lack in your life/career.

§  Practices for letting go of past drama and constriction.

§  How to attract the things you would love and the experiences and people you want to spend your time and energy with.

§  Exercises for expanding your sense of possibility and deserving, opening you up to receive the things you most desire.

In this module, you’ll gain the emotional freedom to detach from old baggage and move forward with an open heart. No longer a victim of the past, you’ll feel unlimited energy at the end of the day and look forward to creating new adventures.

We’ll Explore:

  • How to actually liberate yourself from resentments once and for all, by identifying where you feel the most resentments and identify their energetic cost.

  • How to practice a mindset shift into absolute freedom from resentment.

  • Learning how to separate individuals and their behavior so that you can free yourself from emotional baggage once and for all.

In this module, we’ll focus on the six mental faculties of intuition known as “the voice of inspired insight.” By the time we’re done, you’ll see the value of taking time every day to hit the “pause button,” sit still and listen to your voice of intuition. You’ll have deep faith in yourself and trust your intuition to guide you. Through the practice of thinking beyond the problem, you’ll be clear on your talents and gifts and know exactly how and when to use them.

 We’ll Cover:

·         How to accelerate your vision (dream) by acting on what inspires you.


·         Why creating a daily intuition practice helps you identify how your inner voice guides you.


·         Mindset practices that utilize the art of thinking beyond the problem.


·         How to clearly identify and attract your “partners in believing” while learning how to attract a positive and generous support team to be in your front row.

Now We’ll Bring It All Together By Learning:

  • The value of identifying “partners in believing” and creating a solid, supportive front row of support.

  • How to train your mind through the mastery of three disciplines: decision, question and alignment.

  • Why turning failure from a stumbling block to a steppingstone can rapidly shift your success.

  • The evolutionary wrap-up of how far you’ve come during our Vision Academy and how to continually ground yourself in the fundamentals you have learned to continue to accelerate forward with passion, purpose and progress.

Promise: With these six modules, you’ll have everything you need to finally feel productive and free and wildly successful! You’ll have your personal vision blueprint and all the steps you need to move beyond fear and lack. You’ll know who you are, what you want, and be 100% clear on your soul’s purpose in life!

"It was invigorating to be coached by Laura. She is sincere, dedicated, motivating and inspiring. She has in-depth knowledge of her techniques and is open to helping you discover what works best for you. I learned easy to implement (and remember) techniques to exceed my goals. Thanks Laura for your guidance."
Liesel Brink
HR Manager - Attorneys Liability Protection Society

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During this special time

Soul Vision Academy is only​ $1997 USD!

(pay in full discount)


 Grab our 3 month payment plan

 for only $680.00 a month

Sign up today to receive these bonuses:

  • De-Stress At Your Desk video with Laura Bender.
  • Private one on one meditation session with Laura, plus the added bonus of your personal birth mantra (based on your date, time and place of birth)  from the Chopra Center for Well Being Value $500 
  •  Six  15 minute Mp3 meditations on emotional freedom, forgiveness, detachment and dream building with Laura. Value $150 
  • Voxer walkie-talkie communication with Laura! Have a pressing question or need a quick coaching tip? Laura will be accessible for the next 12 weeks via Voxer app. All calls will be responded to within 2 hours. Value $300 


  •  RIGHT FROM THE START you’ll get your 30 minute strategy call with Laura to get your 90-day Soul Vision Academy plan started!
  • Twelve weeks of one hour LIVE coaching group calls all recorded.
  • Forever access to Program Workbook with all  of our awesome worksheets and  lessons.
  • Twelve weeks of audio lessons and meditations that  accompany the program modules and workbook.
  • Three solid months of coaching in our private FaceBook group, where Laura will be answering questions and helping you implement what you have learned in the course.
  • Six additional 30-minute deep-dive SUPPORT calls with Laura.


  • You will be 100% clear on your vision and soul purpose because you know what fires you up each and every day, and you know exactly how to move forward.
  • You’ll learn, write, and experience positive thinking on a deeper level.
  • You’ll know how to recognize when you default to functioning on autopilot and have a daily self-care routine that keeps you emotionally intelligent, healthy, and feeling your best.
  • You’ll Learn to have faith in yourself as your most trusted advisor, knowing exactly what action steps to take to live your dream and reap the benefits you deserve.
  • Together we will learn how to master "mistakes" and how to use them as an opportunity for progress and growth.
  • You’ll feel energized by scheduling social and emotional time daily and cultivating meaningful relationships.
  • You’ll know exactly what responsibilities are important for you to take care of and what can be delegated to someone else.
  • You’ll put yourself first and reclaim your energy and emotional power because you recognize that, although your responsibilities haven’t changed, your personal perspective, level of self-care, and priorities have.
  • You’ll learn how to keep fear from stopping you in your tracks and use it as a stepping stone instead — even how to make it your superpower!
  • You’ll quickly activate your vision because you will have learned exactly how to attract the success and IMPACT that you want to make in the world.

This is exactly what I am looking for!!

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Laura, is this program for me?
YES! If...

You’re tired of waking up every day feeling lonely and unfulfilled because you don’t like what you’re doing anymore.


You know you are meant for more and find yourself wondering, “Is this all there is?”


You realize that you need support and accountability to learn how to design your vision and get rid of crippling negative beliefs.


You thought that the answers were outside you but discovered that more work, socialising, volunteering and reinventing yourself did not bring you contentment, meaning and love.


You know deep down that the further away you get from your true dreams and desires, the less likely you are to achieve them.


You are excited to shift your mindset from negative to positive with  a systematic, proven system of support.


You don’t want to mess around wasting your time, holding back or playing small anymore.


You are READY to create a life full of meaning and freedom, and you are clear that creating a wildly fulfilling life starts with a vision that really lights you up!


You are clear that you can’t do it alone — and you’re READY for the loving support, knowledge, experience and wisdom that will lead you to your ultimate success!

During this special time

Soul Vision Academy is only​ $1997 USD!

(pay in full discount)


 Grab our 3 month payment plan

 for only $680.00 a month

Cancellation Policy:

At Laura Bender Dynamic coaching, I am 100% committed  to offering a professional and effective program. This program works if you work it and I know this program is the best on the market and it works. That’s why I’ll give you the first 30 days from the date of purchase to participate in my program and complete the lessons within the Vision Academy program. If you do the work and don’t feel that I have delivered on my promise, I’ll happily refund 100% of your tuition. 

To be eligible for 100% of my tuition, I understand that I must complete and submit my completed Lifework in the workbook lessons 1-7 to demonstrate that I did the work and schedule an exit interview with Laura by scheduling dreamsbybender.com so I can learn what didn’t work out for you and have an opportunity to make it better for future clients. I do this because I want to take action my program as a committed Mindset Coach and business owner.

Soul Vision Academy is NOT for you if:

You’re not willing to move past your COMFORT ZONE and challenge your subconscious beliefs to be the best you can be in this lifetime.

You tend to give up and blame others for your suffering rather than take action when faced with personal obstacles and problems.

You don’t see the VALUE of investing in yourself, your business or your future. (Successful women know that investing in their awareness and personal development is the greatest investment they could ever make.)

You don’t want to know WHO YOU ARE and what is standing in the way of your vision, purpose and ultimate happiness.

You’re perfectly happy staying stuck in neutral, and what others think out weighs what you really want for your life.

Your fear of success (or failure) exceeds your desire to live the life that you love.

During this special time

Soul Vision Academy is only​ $1997 USD!

(pay in full discount)


 Grab our 3 month payment plan

 for only $680.00 a month

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