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Laura works with highly motivated women to find a life that is in harmony with their purpose.

For over 37 years Laura has coached and trained dynamic professionals and entrepreneurs from all walks of life build their dreams, accelerate their physical/emotional results and create deeper meaningful lives.

Laura is a true Dream Builder, in 1990 she was the first woman to bring the profession of personal training to the state of Montana and 22 years later designed and implemented the first meditation/yoga coaching program for Montana’s Youth Detention Centers. She received certifications from some of the nations greatest visionaries, Deepak Chopra, Mary Morrissey, David Simon, Kenneth Cooper and Davidji to name a few.

Laura Bender

Laura is considered a “master coach” and “ fitness guru.” She has been featured in numerous newspapers, periodicals and media, such as the Missoulian, PFP magazine , world renowned teacher Davidji’ s book De-Stressifying, Good Morning Montana and Nathalie Mullinix’s national podcast Reality World Universal.

As a sought after coach/Trainer Laura offers educational and inspiring workshops to companies and organizations around the country as well as Transformational in Depth coaching programs. Her programs help clients achieve new heights of body, mind and spiritual success.

Laura’s Certifications:

Life Mastery Institute Dream Builder Coach

Chopra Center – Meditation and Yoga Teacher Certifications

Institute for Integrative Nutrition – Health Coach

Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research – 4 Fitness Certifications including Elite Personal Trainer

Bachelors of Arts in Speech Communications – Portland State University

Laura’s Accolades:

People’s Choice Best of Missoula Award:

2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015,2016, 2018

Missoula’s Choice Winner: 2006, 2013

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Press Coverage:

“As I was writing destressifying, I reached out to one of my students, the world-renowned elite fitness trainer Laura Bender, hoping she could provide me with a few insights on the destressifying fusion of exercise and meditation. For more than 30 years, Laura has taught thousands to transform their bodies, minds, and lives through her personal training regimen, yoga classes, and meditation instruction.” (read more…)

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Laura Bender, founder of Bodies and Soul by Bender and our March 2017 PFP Trainer of the Month, has been raising the bar in the industry since 1989. Laura began her career in fitness when personal training was just on the cusp of popularity and she continues to impact lives as a leader and innovator. Here is how Laura is raising the bar for her clients, community and in the industry…(read more…)

It’s not Laura Bender’s typical yoga class.

Dressed in jail-issued orange uniforms and socks sticking out of their matching flip-flops, the eight teens trickle into the gymnasium, lackadaisically forming a circle around her. (read more…)

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“If it hurts, then it’s not yoga,” says Laura Bender, as she cheerfully arranges exercise mats on the floor and reminds her students to be honest in their day’s yoga practice.

No pushing, no overachieving, she reminds. Especially on this day, when the Law of Least Effort is the meditation of the hour.  (read more…)

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Laura Bender
Laura Bender

Dynamic Life Coach – Integrative Health Coach