Healing Through Chakra 1:1

With Laura Bender

For high achieving women who are ready to seriously master the subtle energy inside themselves. Women who are hungry for enlightenment, perfect health, peace of mind and real freedom from anxious attachment to everyone and everything.

Does This Sound Familiar?

– Feeling like circumstances are out of their control and are sick and tired of being a hostage to their business and the senseless, worry about what the future will bring.

– Ready to reclaim and grow your intuition, be grounded and secure each and every day.

– Done with seeking constant approval from others while wrestling with feeling stuck in self deprecation and health sabotaging behaviors that leave you sad and exhausted.

– Constantly giving up your happiness in order to maintain peace and stability for others and you’re ready for the life you were meant to live.

– Undervaluing and undeserving yourself and it is affecting your health.

– Longing for intimacy and deeply experiencing love but past hurts and a failed relationship, drama and resentment is closing your heart and stopping you.

– Frustrated with feeling choked up when you want to assert your boundaries with clients and family members.

Here’s What You’ll Get

Right from the start you’ll experience two solid months (8 weeks) of 1:1 Live Meditation coaching with Laura via Zoom all recorded and presented at a convenient time and day regardless of where you live in the world.


– Forever access to the Program Workbook with all of my awesome worksheets and lessons.


– 8 Mp3 Six meditations specifically focusing on individual chakras from the base of the spine to the top of the head plus a personalized daily self care prescription and meditation.


– This is a 3 month weekly guided meditation journey of self awareness in which you will learn, experience and be guided through the healing powers of the Chakra system.



What’s The Benefits?

⭐️ You’ll quickly Master your inner dialogue, transform past trauma and experience emotional freedom.

⭐️ You’ll learn a personalized daily practice that targets and heals trigger areas.

⭐️ You’ll quickly know ancient secrets to healing and releasing negative energy while replacing and developing the positive energies in each chakra.

⭐️ You’ll learn how to achieve long-held dreams in a fraction of the time it takes others.

⭐️ You’ll discover how to take systematic and effective action to manifest your life’s dream with powerful specific group chakra meditations, exciting lifework and specially created CD’s.

⭐️ You’ll elevate your relationships to a higher frequency, experience deeper, closer and more supportive partnerships, and know the joy of being fully present with your loved ones.

⭐️ You’ll reclaim your power and create a lasting impact and legacy that really makes a difference. Attract the love and relationships that you desire.
⭐️ Stand firm on your emotional boundaries with confidence and clarity, while experiencing the transformative power of love.

You’ll get my special techniques and meditations to kick negative subconscious beliefs to the curb, using Bija seed mantras, chakra sutras and archetypes. I guarantee deeper meaning and greater joy and success in your life and business.

My Promise To You

Within this Chakra Healing Group, you’ll have everything you need to finally feel productive, free and wildly successful! You’ll have your personal healing practice and all the tools you need to move beyond fear and lack.

You’ll know who you are, what you want, and be 100% clear on your soul’s purpose in life!

Master Meditation Teacher Certified By Deepak Chopra At The Deepak Chopra Center

Chakra Meditation

Chakra 1:1 Pricing

First time EVER!!!!!! Healing the Chakras is only $2,998.00 USD

⭐️ Special BUY IN FULL Pricing ⭐️

$250 Discount!!

Special Healing the Chakras is only $2,748.00 USD


Grab the 2 month payment plan for only $1,529.00 USD



⭐️ 90 Minute Breakthrough Call ( $450 Value)

⭐️ 7 Weeks Of Audio Recordings & WorkBook ( $3,000 Value)

⭐️ Unlimited Voxer Support With Laura ( Priceless)

As a Chopra Certified meditation Coach Laura offers you the opportunity to learn one of the most valuable tools available for mastering success and emotional intelligence- the art of Meditation.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

David Ji

World Re-owned Author

Master Meditation Teacher

Winner Of Nautilus Book Award

”It was invigorating to be coached by Laura. She is sincere, dedicated, motivating and inspiring. She has in-depth knowledge of her techniques and is open to helping you discover what works best for you. I learned easy to implement (and remember) techniques to exceed my goals. Thanks Laura for your guidance

“I am going through my second battle with cancer. I enjoyed everything I learned from Laura’s meditation session. She helped me relax and it was the first time I unclenched my jaw in months! You are awesome Laura!”


Laura Bender

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