Transform Method Group

With Laura Bender

If you’re a dynamic, high-performing woman who is sick and tired of feeling trapped on the hamster wheel of self- sabotage, stuck on how to overcome what has been blocking you, and you want to fast-forward into a more meaningful and fulfilling relationship — a loving future that’s aligned with your soul purpose — then this systematic, powerful and effective course is for you!

Although you’ve been successful in your career or business, your relationship has been a source of stress and frustration for years and, although you’ve done plenty of personal development work yourself, love remains your Achilles’ heel.

If you know you want something more in your relationship with yourself and with your partner but you’re just not sure how to create it and don’t want to waste any more time trying to figure things out on your own, then this offer is for you.

The Transform Method Group

During our 6 weeks together we will work on the following things:

The Transform Method Group


In this first phase we will uncover the unhelpful patterns currently alive in your relationship with yourself and focus on recognizing the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that keep these in place. Some of these you may already be aware of and many you will not be.

Once you become aware of these practiced patterns and habits, we work on identifying and inviting new, more resourceful thoughts, beliefs and behaviors so that you can kick these patterns to the curb.


So often the beautiful parts of ourselves are thrown off in favor of the roles we play. In building on phase 1 and the recognition of the roles that we play, the next phase will focus on reconnecting you with these lost parts of yourself so that you can reclaim the wholeness and vitality that you were born with.

You will learn daily practices that will strengthen your connection to your emotions allowing you to respond to your previous triggers and to your partner from a healthy empowered place instead of reacting.


In this step we start to understand how the male brain differs and what that means for communication, because most women, (myself included) unknowingly assume that men are like big hairy women. This belief makes us have the same expectations of them as we would of ourselves or our girlfriends.

In this final step, we begin to learn about these differences and how they have played out in your self-love and in your relationships we then reframe our partner’s (past and present) behaviors in a way that feels less damaging to you, creating solid boundaries and practicing them every day.

This Six-Week Program Includes:

– Six weeks of Live Zoom group Coaching will be recorded and shared with you.

– Forever access to the program, workbooks, audio lessons, videos, and modules.

– Twenty-four hour Voxer (walkie-talkie app) access to Laura Bender for questions, struggles, and support.

What You’ll Walk Away With:

– A daily self-love prep plan with practices that will bring back your confidence, balance, and energy and will guarantee even greater relationship success.

– A clear understanding of who you are and what you want with powerful self-love techniques and actionable steps.

– Personalized and firmly established boundaries and agreements with the people you love, with yourself, and with the people you work with!

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