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  • I have an offer for high achieving women who are done feeling resentful, misunderstood, lonely and unfulfilled in their love relationship.

  • I can help you experience and feel deeply connected, cherished, and fulfilled even if your partner doesn’t change in any way.

    This means:

    • you don’t have to give up your identity.
    • Waste time re-inventing yourself
    • Spend thousands on marriage counseling.
    • Lose your mind or have an affair.
  • This is an exclusive 12 week deep dive program taught exclusively by Laura Bender. It has been intentionally designed to give you cutting edge mindset techniques, spiritual principles, and scientific success strategies. Most importantly, it’s uniquely results-driven.

This is just what I need!

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Together we will work 1:1 on the following:

  • LEARN – to bravely embrace and understand your past relationship beliefs and negative emotions, in order to make sense of the triggers, fears and resentments that stand in the way of progress in your love relationships.

  • UNDERSTAND – what is healthy and what is not when it comes to communicating feelings and beliefs in your love relationship through an inward journey of discovery and awareness.

  • LEARN – why the different communication and love language styles between you and your partner are causing confusion, misunderstanding and resentment. And heal the gap that you feel with self love and empathy while clearly knowing who you are and what you want and how to communicate your needs bravely and without shame.

  • DETACH – from believing false stories and drama while not taking situations and circumstances personally, so you can deeply connect with emotional intelligence and energetically attract and draw near the love you deserve.

  • BUILD – a personal plan for success with specific daily steps and sustainable weekly actions and practices that strengthen your emotional well being (boundaries) and expertly practice the behavioral changes and communication skills you are learning with your partner. So, even if you leave, you can re-engage and have some fun again!.

  • LEARN – a daily practice that will strengthen your emotional intelligence, and keep you objective, compassionate and open while detaching from and releasing old negative beliefs.

These 6 things allow you to break through confusion and be (a master communicator) present and aware in your love relationship.

You will be very clear and have a plan on what you need in life and with your partner to experience happiness, freedom, (boundaries) and love with no attachment to leaving because now you know if you leave, you will feel happy and supported.

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Laura Bender

In the course of use working together, you’ll experience a level of “white glove” meticulous support that you’ve never experienced before (including direct access to me via Voxer messaging), plus 12 1:1 LIVE coaching sessions, mp3 meditations, audio lessons & ”game changing” workbooks.

The most successful clients I work with meet these qualifications:

  • They are experienced, motivated, high achievers ready to move quickly from feeling empty and lonely to happy and fulfilled.

  • They are action-takers who are not afraid and fiercely ready to explore the inner workings of their belief system.

  • They’re ready to invest time, energy and finances at a higher level to get individual coaching (+ receive epic insights, mindset shifts and massive results that come with that level of “white glove” support) from a mentor who isn’t teaching theory but has walked the path herself.

  • This is a 12 week coaching program and right from the start you will notice immediate changes in your self awareness and intuition.

  • Within the first 2-3 weeks you can expect to begin to unhook from your false identity and increase your self esteem, while uncovering the patterns that have kept you stuck.

  • With renewed energy and confidence you will dive into inspired action.

  • Within the first 4 weeks you can expect to have a personal plan with clear boundaries.

  • It usually takes 2-4 months for the integrations + mindset strategies to land and calibrate.

  • Typically my clients experience clarity and creative relationship awareness as well as a deep understanding of their partners and their own communication differences and preferences during the second month of coaching as they master expert communication skills and boundaries.

  • You will notice and experience ongoing Changes and positive, actionable re-engagement in your love relationship that noticeably deepens as you continue to progress forward into the 12th week and beyond.

  • You will continue to subtly attract the positive energy that connection, wealth, time that you deserve in your love relationship and your life!

  • This amazing offer is a low four-figure investment and small compared to the incredible results you’ll see in a short period of time.

  • If this sounds like you then the next step is to send me a DM.

  • I will ask a few short questions to determine if we are a good fit. If so I will then invite you into the program and we can get started right away.


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